What is teeth whitening?

People often throw the terms “teeth whitening” and “bleaching” around interchangeably. However, according to the FDA, teeth are “whitened” when they are lightened to match their natural color, and they are “bleached” when they are whitened beyond their natural shade.

If you believe that you need to get your teeth professionally whitened at a dentist’s office to see real results, think again. With BleachBright’s innovative at-home and on-location products and services, you can get the brightest, whitest smile you’ve ever seen, and you can do it in the convenience of your own home if you want to.

Our L.E.D.-accelerated carbamide peroxide trays whiten teeth more efficiently and safely than any other at-home methods available, and they’re just as effective as other, more expensive whitening methods you’ll see in many dentists’ offices.

Why do teeth stain?

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they’re going to get darker as you age. Some stains – from things like coffee, cola, and dark-colored foods – develop relatively evenly over all of your teeth and tend to accumulate over time. Other stains – such as those developed from smoking cigarettes – develop as unattractive, uneven patches on your teeth. Your teeth can even grow darker in color due to side effects of certain medications and antibiotics.

Fortunately, you can battle any and all of these staining factors with BleachBright’s amazing whitening products. Why not try the most affordable, effective method available for brightening your smile today? Read on to find out more about how our products work and what they can do for you.

Teeth whitening gels

Prefilled Mouthtrays
With this method, you’ll fill dental trays (which looks a lot like a mouth guard) with whitening gel and place them in your mouth long enough for the gel to lighten the teeth. This usually takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll repeat it once per day for 5-7 days, then once per week to maintain whiteness.


In many countries around the world, peroxide-based products are reserved for authorized and licensed professionals. For our customers in those countries and for those who prefer not to use peroxide-based products in general, we have developed a non-peroxide gel. It’s effective, gentle, and legal to purchase and use for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Remineralizing and Enamel Boosting Gels

After whitening your teeth, you’ll want to protect them and maintain them, right? We’ve specially formulated remineralizing and enamel-boosting gels to strengthen your teeth, protect against new stains, and improve your overall oral health. Our bluminerals™ formula seals the pores of your teeth to lock out stains and alleviate sensitivity after you whiten your teeth with our L.E.D. Whitening Kit.

You can also boost enamel strength and prevent stains by regularly using our StrarBright Dual Action Pen. Whiten with one end of the pen and then boost enamel and protect against new stains with the other.

Carbamide vs Hydrogen

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two most commonly used chemicals for whitening teeth. They both work to lift stains and lighten the shade of your teeth, but is one better than the other?

You’re certainly already familiar with hydrogen peroxide, as it’s often used as a disinfectant and antiseptic. It’s not just good for cleaning cuts and scrapes, though. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely effective as a teeth whitening agent. Unfortunately, though, it does have the tendency to irritate the gums and tissue in the mouth, and it can cause tooth sensitivity, as well, if used incorrectly or in high concentrations without professional, medical supervision.

Carbamide peroxide, on the other hand, is created by combining hydrogen peroxide with urea, and is a much gentler whitener. At about 1/3 of the strength of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide cannot lift as many stains as quickly as full-strength, high-concentration hydrogen peroxide. However, it’s still very effective, and it’s much safer to use at home without a dentist’s supervision.

So, which one do we use in BleachBright products? Both! Our line includes teeth whitening products with higher and lower concentrations of both carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. We clearly label each, so that you can safely and effectively whiten your teeth

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