Currently featuring our MRI Lotions and the Mineral Sun Collection

Choose MRI as your got to Tanning Lotion and Moisturizer. This salon grade product is exclusively available only at High End Tanning Facilities like SunSeeker’s. MRI utilizes only the best ingredients to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and provides you the deepest darkest natural looking color. Be sure to choose the best for your skin with MRI Lotions!!

  • Mineral makeup for the body and the face, combines the perfection of immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning skin care
  • Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin for a deeper UV tan, and selected products are enhanced with various levels of bronzing
  • Superb skin and tan enhancements: Silicone Emulsion, Aloe, Shea, and Cocoa Butter and Walnut Oil, improves the overall well being of the skin
  • Perfect for people who want a rich immediate tan and longer term UV tanning for their best possible rich color. Skin color benefits from skin enhancing minerals and cocktail of natural based deep moisturizing ingredients.

Mineral Sun VIP

Highly advanced mineral blend formulated for all bronzing enthusiasts. Infused with the new Matcha Green Tea, Argan Oil, and multiple tanning technologies that will allow your own natural tanning results to develop quickly while helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin.


  • Formulated for All Skin Types and Advanced Tanners
  • Black Onyx Bronzing Blend for Immediate and Long Lasting Bronzing, Reinforced with MelanoBronze
  • Paraben and Gluten Free
  • Cozy Chic Fragrance
  • Zemea 100% Natural, Powdery Feel
  • Easy to Use Flip Top
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Tested for Sensitivity and Irritancy
  • Vegan Friendly


  • Cosmetic (Immediate) Bronzing; walnut oil
  • Intense (Long Lasting) Bronzing
  • Tan Intensifiers
  • Melanin Amplifier
  • Skin Conditioners and Moisturizers: Aloe, Safflower Oil, Sea Micro Algae, Macadamia Seed Oil, Walnut Oil, Banana Fruit Extract
  • Skin Nutrition Agents; Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Anti-Aging, Skin Firming and Slimming; Biodynes, Caffeine, Argan oil and Matcha Green Tea
  • Skin Soothing / Anti-Reddening Agents; Green Tea, Panthenol, Sea Micro Algae, Lychee Fruit, Chamomile Flower Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • Illuminate / Glow; Diamond Dust

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